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Over the years we’ve gone through a few changes. What started as a hobby blog focussing on transfer news and analysis grew into a bigger site that added in match previews and reports to the mix. In 2018 we made the decision to change pace and now operate solely as a news aggregator – collating the latest chelsea news and rumours from around the web.

Want to add your site?  If you’re a budding blogger or represent a chelsea site we’d love to hear from you. However in order to get listed we require a few things:

  1. Your site must publish a feed (either RSS or atom is fine)
  2. The content published on your site is high quality and frequent (ie: multiple times per week)
  3. Your site is at least six months old

If you meet all of the above feel free to get in touch using the details below. For teams other than Chelsea see our general football site, Footie Roundup.

Note: We are purely a news site and do not publish any kind of betting content. This include match tips. Sorry.


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