Torres & Azpilicueta keen on Fabregas joining Chelsea


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Chelsea duo Cesar Azpilicueta and Fernando Torres have called on their club to sign up Spanish teammate Cesc Fabregas for the coming summer season.

At this stage it seems very likely that Fabregas will leave Barcelona this season with the Spanish giants being prepared to consider offers for the talented midfielder.

Jose Mourinho has already confirmed that he would be interested in bringing the former Arsenal player back to the folds of the Premier League, and Azpilicueta and Torres are of the opinion that the midfielder would be an ideal addition for Chelsea.

In an interview with Movistar, Torres said that Fabregas is the type of player that Chelsea needed at the moment. He added: “Great players are always great signings. We know him well, he was one of the best players in the Premier League while playing for Arsenal and is a player who brings a lot to the team.”

Torres added that Fabregas is the kind of player that creates goals and has great ball control. “If he is made to feel important, like a leader, he has already proved at Arsenal that he can lead a team.”

Azpilicueta has no problem admitting that he’d love to see Fabregas join the Chelsea team. He describes Fabregas as ‘a special player’.

He added, however, that right now nothing was official and that Fabregas was a Barca player.

He went on to say that few squads have this type of player, a central midfielder who has an excellent vision of the game and who gets forward exceptionally well. His statistics also speak for themselves.