Chelsea Manager In Dispute With Everton Boss Martinez

It has emerged that Jose Mourinho had some choice words to say to Roberto Martinez in the aftermath of Chelsea’s defeat to Everton at Goodison Park over the weekend.

Martinez, the Everton manager, spoke to the press first after the full time whistle was blown and the Toffees had beaten the defending Premier League champions thanks to a Steven Naismith hat trick.

After he left the press room Martinez was being interviewed by a journalist from the local newspaper The Liverpool Daily Echo when Mourinho walked past and said, “Roberto, next time tell me to go before you because we have to travel”. Martinez replied, “I don’t control that, Jose. I don’t control that”. Mourinho then said, “f*cking hell” as he walked away.

Roberto Martinez was unruffled and said to The Liverpool Echo’s reporter, “When he beat us 6-3 last season he was such a nice man. I prefer him like that”.

It was the second time that day that Jose Mourinho had fallen foul of the press as before kick off he walked out of an interview with BT Sport’s Ray Stubbs when the interviewer asked him about the club’s summer long pursuit of Everton’s John Stones. Mourinho said, “Before the game this is too long” prior to storming sway from the journalist.

Despite the attempt from Mourinho to suggest that Martinez had disobeyed managerial etiquette there is no ruling that says the away manager should speak to the media before the home manager. The current rules surrounding post match media obligations only say that there must be a press conference and that both managers must speak, but the order they speak in is not dictated.